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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Worlds Worst Blogger Update

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So much for attempting to stay on top of blogging. Life is crazy, we've traveled and done a lot this summer and now getting ready to get back into the craziness of fall....that about sums it up.
We traveled to Houston the end of May for my brothers graduation. We missed the graduation with a trip to the emergency room at Texas Children's Hospital for William (he was a..ok) but enjoyed getting to visit with family.

We spent most of the summer at home after that. Steve was busy working for Monte Shadwick and Tracy Mann on their campaigns this summer. The election resulted in neither getting elected but a fun process none the less.
Dance classes continued over the summer but with me teaching a little less...yea! We've enjoyed a lot of walks outside this summer, eating fresh food from our garden, learning how to can those goodies, baking bread and trying to keep up with the boys.

Isak starts preschool in a couple weeks. Can't believe he's already 3! His birthday was early August and we had a toy story themed party. I attempted a buttercream transfer and it turned out pretty good. I will have to try it again for the next event. After he celebrated his birthday, it seems like his vocabulary has increased ten-fold. He has enjoyed playing at the library this summer quite a bit and loves his new dinasaurs from his birthday. They have replaced his cars obsession. We will see how the fall goes with that. I've been working on teaching him to read and so far so good. I've been reading a book this week called "Teach Your Baby How To Read" and it talks you through how to go about it. We've been doing flashcards a few minutes each day with some words, and I can tell he is learning the words as he read the word teeth off his chore chart today and I hadn't even said what the word was yet....we'll see how it goes!
William had his six month appt this week and is 17 lb 9 oz and 27" long. He's growing so fast! We've started eating solid foods. I made some squash the first week, peas next, we are on sweet potatoe this week and green beans after that. With Isak, I had wanted to make all of his food but didn't have the time/resources/drive to do so. With Will, I thought I should give it a shot, and it's been really easy and cost effective. I use a lot of frozen veggies, just cook them and blend them with a little water or veggie broth and then put them in ice cube trays to freeze. So easy and yummy too....tastes so much better than the brands from the store. I gave up rice cereal as it seemed to not like him so much and he seems to be doing better as a result too!
Will has been pushing up on his hands and legs quite a bit the past week. He's doing the rocking movement which is too cute and even pressing out into a push up position. I have a feeling he'll be crawling in the next couple weeks. His teeth keep coming in a bit and then going in....just wish they'd come in so it wouldn't bother him so much.

Well that about sums up our comings and goings. Dance starts early September so we are gearing up for that. Fall should bring new adventure and stories as we continue along the way. Hopefully I can be better about updating everyone. Enjoy the pictures!


Foster Mamalion said...

So excited about your comment on my blog and your cook! I am glad it was successful. It will get easier! We do 100 meals with 4 in about 4 to 4 1/2 hours eating dinner in between. Now here is YOUR on my blog what you learned that will make it easier next time and what I could have said that would have helped you!!! I will recommend less cooks....I helped with one this month and they had TOO many causing a little bit of chaos. This is NOT law....if it works for you then GO FOR IT and teach me how too! Excited about what you have to say!

Foster Mamalion said...

I must be a took 3 tries to get this posted. Oh boy!